Current Promotions:

Genesys (Formerly S-Tec) DFCS3100 Digital Autopilot release.

With the initial STC release of the DFCS3100 digital Autopilot Genesys have announced an offer for those that place an order for a DFCS3100 upgrade kit prior to the STC release for their model of aircraft, Genesys will warranty the existing servos in the aircraft for 24 months regardless of age!

The DFCS3100 can upgrade any existing S-Tec Autopilot system as well as be a standalone clean installation.

L-3 NGT-9000 Lynx Transponder US$500 off!

The Lynx is a very impressive all in one solution for ADS-B, it features both ADS-B in and out with built in GPS position souurce. For 2018 L-3 are offering US$500 off List along with a free ATAS software enablement providing ADS-B traffic alerting software alerting you to traffic all the way down to the ground unlike any other G.A. ADS-B in system on the market!

The Lynx unit is also upgradable to an NGT-9000+ System with built in Skywatch active Traffic Alerting System (TAS) all the way through to a full TCAS I solution.

 Garmin - GNS™ 430/530 to GTN™ 650/750 Upgrade Credit

Now through March 30, 2018, Garmin is offering a credit toward the purchase of a new GTN 650 or 750 series touchscreen navigator with a qualifying trade-in to Garmin of a GNS 430/530 series navigator1 or a GNS 430W/530W series navigator1. Additionally, customers who also purchase a new GTX™ 345 or 335 series transponder1 and GMA™ 345/350/350c series audio panel1 on the same order can receive up to $2,000 additional credit.



Garmin - GTX 335™ w/GPS Transponder Promotional Kit - Promotion Extension!!

Garmin is pleased to announce an extension of the GTX 335 w/GPS kit promotion, available at a promotional list price of only $2,995, now through June 29, 2018. GTX 335 w/GPS comes in an attractive size and form factor, making it easy to replace the most popular transponders in the industry, such as the Garmin GTX 320, GTX 327 and many others. The promotional kit bundles GTX 335 w/GPS with a GA™ 35 WAAS antenna, offering customers a completely standalone ADS-B “Out” solution.


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Used Avionics For Sale:

Description  Model Number Part Number
D/A Converter KDA-699 071-1218-00
KDM706/Arnic Serial Adapter KDA-689 071-1227-00
RMI/ADF Adapter KDA-692 071-1217-01
Avionics Cooling Kit TBL-2.5 BLOWER 071-4037-01
Radio adapter AA34-200  
Horizontal Situation Indicator RD-550 7001179-960
ICS Mode Controller AA31-002  
Audio Panel AA95-564  
Audio Panel AA95-564  
Encoding Altmeter EA-801A 43300-8223
IVSI   32-1007-1
SANDEL SA4550 SA4550 SA4550-001
SANDEL SN4500 SN4500 SN4500-000
ASI   C661046-0101
VSI (United)   7060
NAV SELECT  97-10344A  
ALT ALERTER  AA-801A 43310-0000
DME Indicator 339F-12A 622-2012-012
RMI  KNI 582 066-3060-00
Radalt   ALT-50  622-3201-001
GPS  KLN90B 066-04031-121
HF Tranceiver  TCR-200 622-2882-001
HF Controller  CTL-201  622-4471-001
GPS Antenna   CI405-2
Yaw ACC YA-840A 48320-0000
GPS Antenna   CI405-2
Iridium Antenna   S67-1575-109
Antenna AD 43013-1 013-1592-010
Antenna AD 43013-1 013-1592-010
Mount Acuator   445752512
Acuator PA-1050A 46220-2900
ADF Receiver ADF60 622-2362-001
DME Transceiver  DME40 622-1233-001
Nav Receiver VIR30 622-0877-001
Nav Receiver  VIR30 622-0877-002
Transponder TDR90 622-1270-001
DF Indicator DF88A DF88A
Direction Finder DF88A DF-88A
IFCS Control Unit C-1050A 4624-0000
IFCS Air Data AC-1050A 46250-0001
Directional Gyro   4305-150
VHF Transceiver VHF20 622-1879-001
VHF Transceiver VHF20 622-1879-002
HF Power Amp PWR-200 622-2883-00
HF Antenna Coupler AAC-200 622-2884-001
IFCS Com/Amp CA-105A/FD 46210-0005
Transponder TDR90 622-1270-001
Transponder TDR90 622-1270-001
Directional Gyro 4000B-6 IU262-001-7
Turn & Slip TS200-2B 509-0001-909
Alt Encoder SSD120 SSD120-XXA()-RS232
Indicator IN-41D 39270-0000
Flux Detector CT-504A 1B495-4
Radalt Indicator 339H-4 622-1204-003
Mode Selector S-1050A-1 48110-0000
Vertical Gyro VG14 4003147
Altitude Encoder D120-P2-T  
Audio Panel PMA7000B  
EGPWS KGP-560 066-01196-0205
Apollo VHF NAV/COMM SL30 430-6040-303
Turn & Slip Indicator 1234T100-7TZ  
Power Combiner CI120-3 CI120-3
FM Transceiver RT-18D UHF 400-0125-100
Relay Unit MD41-24P(28K)  
Audio Selector KMA 28 TSO 066-01176-0101
GPS  KLN94 TSO 069-01034-0102
EHSI Navigation Display SN3500 SN3500-002
Turn Coordinator   1394T100-3Z
Turn & Slip Indicator   1234T100-3TZ
Altimeter   5934PM-3
Isolation Amp KMA 24H 066-1055-70
Marker and Beacon Receiver and Isolation Amp KMA 24 066-1055-02
GPS GNC 250XL 011-00295-00
DC-AC Inverter   PC16-6
DG   103-0022-01
Indicator, Directional Gyro AK-16 13-0038-1
DME KN62A 066-1068-04
Comm Tranciever  KY196 064-1019 20
Antena Coupler   AV-570
Antenna Coupler   AV-570
Transceiver   IC-706
Directional Gyro KG102A DG 060-0015-00
NAV/COMM SL30 430-6040303
Antenna GA56 011-00134-00
Antenna GA56 011-00314-00
Trim Isolation Relay Unit   11-81187-1
Directional Gyro RCA15 BK-1 103-022-01
Sandel EHSI SN3500 SN3500-002
Directional Gyro   3300-10
Strobe Power Supply HDACF 01-0770028-05
Nav/Strobe Assay   A600-PG-28V
Air Speed Indicator EA5172 EA51722-6L
Radio Adapter   12100
Switchmode DC Voltage Converter   P5028
Mobile Mounting Bracket   MB-62
Transponder GTX-327 011-0490-00
MFD KMD 540/KAC504/KAC502 066-04035-031
Magnetic Azumuth Transmitter  KMT112 071-1052-00
Slaving Accessory KA S1B 071-1242-01
Avionics Annunciator    CSEGPS-01-L8
Indicator Dual TIT and CHT   EG2950-04010
Remote Altitude Encoder (slave) Interface Adapter   IA-RS232C-R
Indicator Oil Temp and Press S3279-1 EG5043-06017
Vertical Speed Indicator   53327-1/16455
HSI KI525A 066-3046-07
 Indicator KI209  
Mode S Transponder TT31 00220-00-01
Audio Amplifier  AA108  
Panel Mount Intercom PM1000 II 11908
Reciever R - 502B 31240-0028
Bendix Nav/Comm KX165A 069-01033-0101
Vor/Loc Indicator KI-203 066-3034-01
Nav Reciever KN 53 066-1067-01


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